According to your needs

We are flexible and so are our spaces. The layout of the offices can thus be changed exactly according to your needs.

Accessible by car and tram

You can arrive by car or by nearby tram. There are enough parking spaces for employees and visitors in the area.

Convenient communication and top service

Do you need to resolve something? We will provide you with one contact person for all your questions and wishes.

Work and relaxation in one place

You will have peace of mind for work and relaxation. Either while enjoying food in nearby restaurants or in our chill out zone.

A long-term and reliable solution

Tenants are satisfied with us, some for over 10 years. We build on long-term experience.

Experience Purkyňka

Are you looking for spaces that adapt to your needs? Get in touch with us.

Free spaces for rent

At Purkyňka Offices we are looking for new tenants for the Purkyňova 99 building in Královo Polel, who will rent our open space offices and meeting rooms. Leave all your working environment worries behind and enjoy the view of Brno.

Purkyňka Offices

Plenty of room for your growth

If the office is your second home, you need it to feel good in it. Purkyňka offers spaces from which everyone can choose. We have open space and individual offices and are ready for the growth of your company.

Purkyňka Offices

Facilities with reception
and meeting rooms

The reception is at your disposal every weekday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and thanks to it, you can handle even minor postal and administrative matters. For meetings you can use one of our modern meeting rooms.

Purkyňka Offices

Own parking lot
and bicycle shed

There are always enough parking spaces on Purkyňka for everyone who works here. We have bike sheds with showers for enthusiastic cyclists, and those who just want to rent a bike or scooter will appreciate the nearby bike-sharing.

Purkyňka Offices

A rich gastronomic scene

Italy is only a short distance away thanks to the authentic Italian bakery Sesamo in the lobby of building P3 at Purkyňová 97a. In the summer, you can go to one of the food trucks right next to the complex, year-round you can choose from many restaurants, pubs, cafes and fast food in the vicinity.

Purkyňka Offices

Sports ground just around the corner

Do you need to stretch out during the day, or pop into the pool on your way home from work? There are many sports fields in the vicinity of Purkyňka. In addition to the Vodova Hall and the Dobrák swimming pool, you can also visit the University Center for Sports Activities (CESA VUT).

Purkyňka Offices

Dental office right on the premises

A dental center just a few steps away from your office may come in handy. Thanks to the flexible appointment time, you can comfortably solve both regular checks and acute problems without missing work for a long time.

Our happy clients

Prohlédněte si Purkyňku

Přijměte mé pozvání na skvělou kávu a jednu z italských specialit v pekárně Sesamo na Purkyňce. Podíváme se spolu na aktuálně volné prostory a zjistíme, jestli budou vyhovovat právě vám. Zanechte mi na sebe kontaktní údaje a já se brzy ozvu:

Vaše údaje jsou u nás v bezpečí. Chceme je jen proto, abychom se vám mohli ozvat zpět. Více o zpracování osobních údajů zde.

Těším se na setkání!

Radek Fiala,
Letting manažer
+420 605 213 714

Check out Purkyňka

Accept my invitation for tasty coffee and one of the Italian specialties at the Sesamo bakery in Purkyňka. We will look together at the currently available spaces and find out if they will suit you. Leave me your contact details and I’ll get back to you soon:

Your data is safe with us. We just need them so we can get back to you. More about the processing of personal data here.

I look forward to meeting you!

Radek Fiala,
manager of Purkyňka Offices
+420 605 213 714