Facility managament

Renata Němcová

Front desk

The Purkyňka front desk is available for postal and small administrative services every business day from 7:00 AM till 6:00 PM.


Are you our client? Communicate directly with owners. Enter a ticket with a problem to be solved via the Helpdesk.

Purkyňka Offices

Purkyňova 99, 97a, 97b
Brno-Královo Pole
612 00


Purkyňova 71/99
Brno-Královo Pole
612 00


Purkyňova 97b
Brno-Královo Pole
612 00


Purkyňova 97a
Brno-Královo Pole
612 00


PFM-Group a.s., headquarters: Purkyňova 71/99, Královo Pole, 612 00 Brno, IČO: 63483475, DIČ: CZ63483475, data box: jg9ftss, file number: B 1758/KSBR Krajský soud v Brně

Nemovitosti Fiala s.r.o., Purkyňova 2855/97a, Královo Pole, 612 00 Brno, IČO: 02376024, DIČ: CZ02376024, data box: qug6r2q, file number: C 81013/KSBR Krajský soud v Brně

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Accept my invitation for tasty coffee and one of the Italian specialties at the Sesamo bakery in Purkyňka. We will look together at the currently available spaces and find out if they will suit you. Leave me your contact details and I’ll get back to you soon:

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I look forward to meeting you!

Radek Fiala,
manager of Purkyňka Offices
+420 605 213 714