We are a duo of Czech companies – Nemovitosti Fiala s.r.o. and PFM Group a.s. – and we have been in the real estate market for more than two decades. We own, lease, and manage the Purkyňka offices buildings. It consists of three buildings on Purkyňova Street, which gave the complex its name.

Besides Purkyňka Offices, we take care of many other projects and realizations. We help you with project management and construction of new buildings, we manage not only our objects i greenery, we look for suitable development opportunities for you. And we also offer commercial space for rent, which is the case of Purkyňka Offices.

Our goal is to provide companies and their employees with an environment in which they feel comfortable. They can contact us at any time with their ideas and suggestions. Thanks to this, Purkyňka Offices can constantly evolve. Join us and you will see that even the working environment can have a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Ing. Petr Prokš

Purkyňka Offices

The 99 building

Purkyňova 99, Brno-Královo Pole, 612 00

The building at Purkyňova 99 is an object with 6,000 m². It offers open offices and separate workspaces.

The 97B building

Purkyňova 97b, Brno-Královo Pole, 612 00

The second of the Purkyňka Offices buildings offers modern open office space with a total area of 2,000 m². In addition to everyday work areas, the spaces can also serve as virtual offices and company headquarters. The international company Red Hat is currently located in Building 97B.

Currently occupied

The 97A building

Purkyňova 97a, Brno-Královo Pole, 612 00

Purkyňka 97a consists not only of office spaces but also a doctor’s office and a entrance hall with a bakery. The lobby will be renovated this year. The building has office spaces of approximately 2,800 m². An interesting feature of some offices is the net ceiling height of up to 5 m.

Currently occupied


The original part of the buildings was built in the 1960s. We have preserved the essential parts from that time – the solid building envelope on the outside and the generous spaces inside. We even kept some of the “critical infrastructure”, such as the fallout shelters, which now serve in part as a common area and game room. In recent years, a whole new building number 97b has been added and we are currently completing major and minor interior and exterior renovations.


Construction of the complex on Purkyňova Street. The first tenant was a Czechoslovak electronics company – TESLA. Electron microscopes, spectrometers and measurement technology were developed here.


Dismantling of the complex, changes of ownership, post-privatization changes.


The building at 97a Purkyňova Street was bought by the Fiala family.


Building 99 at Purkyňova Street came under the management of PFM Group. Extensive reconstruction took place and the building was renamed a Forum Business Centre.


PFM Group implemented the construction of a new building at Purkyňova 97b, named Forum Business Centre II.


All three buildings were merged into one complex – Purkyňka Offices. There has been a complete rebranding. Extensive modernisation of the buildings in their vicinity is also planned.

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